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How to troubleshoot network problems causing failed streaming sessions

In some configurations, cloud streaming sessions might fail due to network restrictions. If you are having troubles while starting a session via Stream to VR Headset or Stream to browser, please try the following steps to solve your problems:

If you are able to start a streaming session, but want to improve your experience, this is the right article: How to optimize your network connection to improve your streaming experience

Deactivate VPN

On some PCs, you have the option to deactivate a local VPN client. Do so and try to restart the session again.

Use a different Wifi network

For testing purposes, you can try to use other less restricted networks:

Guest Wifi

If you are in an office environment, testing outside from corporate network using the guest one, may represent a quick way to test an alternative network configuration.

Home Wifi

Usually home Wifi doesn’t have restrictions. But this is not always the case, sometimes trying also different routers or routers configurations may help. You can also try to temporarily turn off the firewall of your Home Wifi.

WebRTC P2P must be allowed on the Firewall / NAT

5G mobile hotspot

For testing purposes, using a mobile hotspot is often the most convenient solution. Ideally, a 5G connection provides optimal performance. However, it's also beneficial to test using a 4G connection to ensure that sessions can still run. Keep in mind that when using 4G, streaming performance may not be ideal.

Use a different device

Sometimes corporate devices have local restrictions besides network and firewall ones, like mandatory antivirus software. For testing purpose, using a different device can help:


Innoactive Portal can run on mobile devices. It is possible to start a session from a mobile browser by-passing the need to use a laptop or desktop computer that may have restrictions. Also on smartphones, it may be helpful to turn off any antivirus application temporarily.


It is possible to launch a streaming session directly from a VR headset. If this shouldn’t work, it’s worth double-checking that the OS is up to date and that the device doesn’t have restrictions, a factory reset helped in some occasions.

Use a different browser

Network may not be the only issue. While we support all Chromium based browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox are recommended) it is possible to work around some blocking issues with these steps:

Update your browser version

We make sure to support most recent versions of the Chromium based browsers.

Clean the cache or go to incognito mode

Try to clean up the cache or directly open a new incognito window to make sure to start a clean streaming session.

Try another browser

If you don’t have the possibility to update your browser version or you have a very specific one, you may try to use a different one temporarily.

Corporate networks requirements

After the testing phase, in order to operate Innoactive Portal cloud streaming on corporate network, the following network ports and IP addresses need to be whitelisted by your IT department:

It is possible to request dedicated fixed IP addresses for cloud rendering machines in order to facilitate enterprise firewall configuration. Contact us at

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