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How to request a new cloud rendering machine when starting a streaming session

At Innoactive, we prioritize security and user privacy. To ensure a secure environment, we provide different virtual machines within the same location, for each user during their streaming sessions. This guarantees that all session data is erased at the end of each session, protecting your information.

In order to improve performances though, it can happen that the same user reuses the same cloud rendering machine multiple times, within the same location.

For this reason if you encounter any issues with a specific location during your streaming session, you have two options: either change to a different location or request a brand new cloud rendering machine. This feature allows you to request a new virtual machine for the same location for your next streaming session.

Before going through this article, we recommend to read How to use arguments via deep link

Use launch arguments to request a new cloud rendering machine

In order to request a new cloud rendering machine, you can use a dedicated launch argument via deep link. It’s very straightforward: append the launch argument forceColdVm=1 to your application url.


By adding this launch argument, you initiate the process of requesting a fresh virtual machine for the selected location. This ensures that any previous issues or corruption in the virtual machine are completely resolved, providing you with a clean and reliable streaming experience.

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