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16 May 2023 Release

Redirecting to the right location for resource demanding applications

Portal is now capable of redirecting you to a location that supports the selected hardware for your application, ensuring best performances and a smooth launch of the streaming session. If you have chosen manual mode to select a specific location, we ensure a seamless transition and provide guidance on changing locations, if necessary. Follow our guides to learn more about selecting more powerful hardware and manually selecting a location.

New release of the Access Control Plugin for Unity

Introducing the latest release of our Access Control Plugin for Unity. This update addresses reported issues and includes updated documentation listing the required dependencies and instructions for adding them. Find more details in our Knowledge Base, including how to use the plugin, and links for download an readme files.

Allow sharing applications across organizations

We are pleased to announce that you can now share apps across organizations. This new feature is very valuable for Innoactive partners, enabling seamless collaboration and app sharing between organizations of different customers.

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