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12 June 2023 Release

Latency information now available for AWS Local zones and Wavelength zones

We have enhanced our locations selection functionality by providing latency information for all types of AWS zones. With this update, you can now assess and choose the best location, ensuring optimal performance and a seamless streaming experience.

Request a brand new cloud rendering machine

Introducing a convenient new feature that allows you to reset the streaming session for a certain location. By using a launch argument, you can now restart a session in the same location, requesting a brand new virtual machine. This feature proves invaluable in cases where the previous virtual machine encountered issues or crashes, ensuring a fresh start for a smooth and reliable streaming experience.

Invite users and assign them directly to a group

In our Control Panel Version 2, we have introduced a powerful new feature that allows you to invite users and assign them directly to a group. This enhancement streamlines the user management process, making it easier to organize and collaborate within your teams. We strongly recommend using Control Panel Version 2 for its enhanced features and functionality.

Access Control Plugin for Unreal Engine 5

Following the release of our Access Control Plugin for Unity, we are thrilled to announce the release of the Access Control Plugin for Unreal Engine 5. This plugin empowers Unreal Engine developers to implement robust access control measures within their applications. It addresses reported issues, includes comprehensive documentation with required dependencies, and offers instructions for easy integration.

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