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31 July 2023 Release

Improved sessions visibility for your organization

We are excited to introduce a new section in Portal Control Panel version 2 that provides improved visibility of your organization's sessions. With the necessary permissions, you can now access a detailed list of previous sessions that have occurred within your organization. This comprehensive list includes essential information such as the application name, session ID, duration, rendering type (cloud or local), device type (browser, desktop, VR), and the user who initiated the session. This feature enables you to have better oversight of your organization's activities and easily retrieve session IDs if any issues arise.

More control over Fixed IP addresses

We have made significant improvements to the Cloud Rendering settings for your organization. Now, you have greater control over the regions available to your users, quickly enabling or disabling more items at once. Additionally, our system provides accurate warnings if you have requested a dedicated fixed IP address for a region that is not enabled anymore. This enhancement ensures that you have more control and flexibility in managing fixed IP addresses for an optimized, seamless and secure streaming experience.

Higher performance tiers available to stream heavier applications

We added two new performance tiers to help you stream very heavy applications. You can find these settings in the performance requirements section of your application. As described in this article.

Remember to update Innoactive Portal VR client application to take advantage of the latest improvements!

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