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15 January 2024 Release

Unreal Engine plugin to easily upload and stream your projects

We are thrilled to introduce an enhanced Unreal Engine Plugin that simplifies the process of uploading and streaming your projects via Innoactive Portal. This update empowers users to harness the full potential of Unreal Engine while benefiting from the seamless deployment capabilities of Innoactive Portal. You can download it from here and understand how to use it with this article.

Deep Links improvement: Dynamic control over Cloud Rendering location and GPU performance

Our latest update brings advanced capabilities to deep links, allowing users to dynamically override cloud rendering locations and GPU performance tiers. With deep links, you can now fine-tune your streaming experience by specifying the cloud rendering location and GPU performance tier directly through dynamic arguments. Find out more with the updated deep link article.

VR Client permissions: Fine-tune launch options for better control

In response to user feedback, we have introduced new options to limit VR client permissions, providing administrators with better control over how VR applications are launched. Now, you can specify permissions to allow VR applications to be launched exclusively from web browsers, enhancing security measures and ensuring a more controlled environment for streaming experiences. This feature is designed to meet the diverse security needs of organizations, offering a new approach to launching VR applications via Innoactive Portal.

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