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How to subscribe to Portal Clients updates

In the dynamic environment of Innoactive Portal, staying informed about the latest updates to our VR and Desktop clients ensures you're always equipped with the newest features and improvements. Here's a guide on how to subscribe to Portal clients updates.

Portal VR client is available on the main standalone devices enterprise stores: we are already present on Meta App Lab, Vive Business AppStore and Pico Enterprise Store.

Email subscription

The simple way to do it is subscribing via this form.

RSS Feed

As a more flexible approach, you can find here the RSS Feed url you can use in several ways:

Use it with a compatible browser or with a browser extension

  1. You can use this browser extension for Google Chrome.

  2. You can customize your viewing experience with an RSS Feed Viewer tool.

Create simple or complex integrations

Starting from the RSS Feed url you can create a workflow with tools like Zapier and automatically download the client that is more relevant for you.

With the workflow you have the opportunity to automatically download and distribute the client internally or to send email to relevant users within your company.


If you are already using an MDM like Meta for Work, ArborXR and ManageXR we can automatically share new versions of the client with your organization so you can easily distribute it to your enrolled devices.

If you are using an MDM system, please contact us at so we can optimize Portal clients distribution and much more.

Keeping your VR clients up-to-date is crucial for unlocking the full potential of Innoactive Portal. Follow these steps to stay in the loop and benefit from the latest features and enhancements. If you have specific questions or requirements, our team is here to assist you—reach out today.

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