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What is Innoactive Portal?

Innoactive Portal is an enterprise content management system for XR applications. It allows for easy distribution and cloud streaming to various devices like standalone headsets and browsers.

What’s the difference between an MDM and Innoactive Portal?

An MDM (Mobile Device Management) system is primarily designed to manage devices, typically without providing user management or streaming capabilities. Innoactive Portal manages the users, the contents and supports the possibility to cloud stream XR applications.

What types of XR applications can be uploaded to Innoactive Portal?

Innoactive Portal supports 3D, PC VR and Standalone VR applications built with Unity and Unreal Engine, applications built with other engines and 3D platforms like VREX, Nvidia Omniverse, Twinmotion and Autodesk VRED are also compatible. Innoactive team is happy to help and expand the support of other XR applications. AR applications are not supported yet.

What types of XR applications can be streamed via Innoactive Portal?

With Innoactive Portal it is possible to cloud stream 3D and PC VR (.exe) applications to a standalone VR headset or via browser. It is possible to stream any OpenVR-compatible application. While we manage and distribute standalone VR applications (.apk) it is not possible to stream those.

Can Innoactive Portal be used with standalone VR headsets?

Yes, Innoactive Portal can be used and has been tested with standalone VR headsets such as Meta Quest, Quest 2, Quest Pro and Quest 3, Pico Neo3 and Pico 4, HTC Vive Focus 3 and XR Elite.

Can Innoactive Portal be used with multi-user XR applications?

Yes, Innoactive Portal is compatible with multi-user SDKs like Photon, Normcore and others. It also provides arguments for passing user and session information and facilitate the multi-user experience.

Does Innoactive Portal offer analytics capabilities?

Yes, Innoactive Portal provides dashboards with analytics data about users, applications usage and access mode.

Can I customize the appearance and branding of Innoactive Portal for my organization?

Yes, Innoactive Portal offers customization options such as the ability to add custom logos and brand colors.

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