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Compatibility Matrix and Control panel target devices

Capabilities on Portal

Original Platform

Cloud rendered Non-VR

Streaming to browser

Cloud rendered VR

Streaming to standalone devices

Desktop local Non-VR

Local run on Windows client

Desktop local VR

Local run on Windows client with tethered VR headset

Standalone headset local

VR-mode local run on standalone devices

PC VR (.exe) *

  • OpenVR / SteamVR

  • Oculus Rift / Rift S

  • OpenXR **

3D (.exe) *

  • Non-VR (plain 3D / Mouse & Keyboard)

Standalone VR (.apk)

  • Oculus / Meta Quest 1 / 2 / Pro (OVR SDK)

  • HTC Wave Platform (e.g. HTC Vive Focus 3)

  • Pico 3 / 4

* Many applications are both PCVR and 3D, as they have the capability to start as a Desktop application and then switch to VR when needed. In this case, all the capabilities on Portal (except Standalone headset local) can be considered supported.

** OpenXR limitations are explained here.

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