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2023-04-03 Release

Copy and Paste feature for Interactive Spectator

We're happy to introduce a new feature that allows you to copy and paste within the interactive spectator. This feature saves time and makes it easier to create complex training scenarios.

Sorting within Application Groups now correctly stored and applied

We've also made improvements to sorting within application groups. Now, the sorting is correctly stored and applied, making it easier for you to organize and find the applications you need.

More information available when pairing a device

We've added more information when a device is required to be paired. This makes it easier to understand what needs to be done to get your devices connected and ready for XR applications streaming.

Control Panel 2 now loading with unspecified background colors

We've fixed an issue where Control Panel 2 was not loading when the background color was null. This ensures that you can access and use Control Panel 2 without any interruption.

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