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12 February 2024 Release

Cloud rendering regions capacity handling for continuous operations

In manual mode, users are now presented with a choice when their preferred cloud rendering region is unavailable: opt for a lower performance tier or switch to a different region. This update empowers users with greater control over their session experience, ensuring flexibility and choice even in scenarios where capacity constraints may arise.

Session rating for quality insight

After completing a session, users will now have the opportunity to rate its quality. This new feedback mechanism is integral to our continuous improvement, ensuring that we meet expectations and get new insights.

Portal VR client released on Pico Enterprise Store

The Pico Enterprise Store is fully operational again, this will give our users an easier way to download Portal VR client latest version. We are also present on Vive Business AppStore and we are working on releasing also on Meta App Lab, meanwhile we can distribute through App Lab Beta Channel. We remind you that it is possible to receive an email update every time we release a new version of our VR client. You can subscribe here.

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