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2024-03-11 Release

Innoactive Portal VR Client available on Meta App Lab

The Innoactive Portal VR client's launch on Meta App Lab signifies a strategic expansion in user access and engagement. By tapping into the Meta ecosystem, businesses can now elevate their training and collaboration experiences with a platform that's recognized for its immersive capabilities.

Access the Innoactive Portal VR client on Meta App Lab.

Extending cloud services with Google Cloud Platform

Our initial rollout of Google Cloud Platform support presents businesses with a broader cloud infrastructure choice, aimed at boosting performance and resilience. As we diligently work to ensure stable integrations, your input is crucial for this phase. We're keen to partner with our users in this journey of technological advancement.

For inquiries or feedback on Google Cloud Platform support, contact

Customizable access request for any Application

Introducing a new level of customization for applications access - direct users effortlessly to your service desk system with customized access links. This feature brings alignment with your internal support services, offering a seamless transition that matches your enterprise's unique operational flow.

Control Panel migration completed

The transition to our new Control Panel is now complete, offering temporary and application-specific permissions for improved management. With the new Control Panel in full effect, the feature set is enriched, and the legacy system is no longer available. This upgrade is a leap towards a more intuitive and secure user management system, delivering enhanced operational control and compliance to our business users.

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